300Mbps Outdoor Wireless AP CPE Bridge -Up to 1km

Model: 7OW503 2.4G band, 300Mbps, with LED display, 1km transmission distance, support max 64 users


7OW503 is an enterprise smart wireless device, 2.4GHz running frequency band with adopting MIMO and OFDM modulation technology, provides a wireless data transmission rate of up to 300Mbps.

The device adopts low-power, low-temperature chip design and built-in high-gain directional antenna, which provides stable and reliable wireless coverage and wireless bridging.

The user-friendly column design, nice and neat, supports 24V PoE power supply and DC12V power, flexibly choose CPE or AP working mode to meet different environmental application requirements.

When use as a wireless bridge, use in pairs. PtMP or PtP pairing, suitable for covering 1km range, providing wireless network bridge relay function; Or combined with its directional wireless antenna characteristics, it can be widely installed in outdoor corridors, scenic spots, pedestrian streets And the park, factory coverage and other places, providing excellent wireless Internet experience.

7OW03 is much helpful in saving labor cost and time with its AC controller/Cloud Management system, easy for people to do central management and authentication ect.


  • High-performance 300mbps wireless speed, with coverage up to 1km, the signal is strong and stable.
  • Fat and thin AP integrated design, flexible choose gateway, AP, repeater, WDS operation mode.
  • Realize the effective balance of the number of users, traffic and wireless signals between devices.
  • Smart select best wireless channel, avoid Wi-Fi Interference, guarantee the stable wireless connection.
  • Easy to configure CPE by just setting switch of the device without needing access into GUI,removed complex configuration and no tech-savy to check the working status.
  • Support Power over Ethernet, cost save. Ideal solution for CCTV survellience.
  • 12dBi high gain directional antenna, long range up to 1000m.
  • ABS waterproof, dustproof and sunscreen shell, temperature adaptive and board protective.


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